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Parents do you know that God has placed callings, gifts, talents, and purposes in each of your children's lives that he has planned and chosen them for specifically? And as parents and leaders, we have a personal responsibility to identify that call of God in their lives. It's not for us to try and shape and form those callings ourself as parents and leaders, but it's to unwrap and identify what God has created our kids and the kids around us to be.

Starting this Sunday and throughout the summer, I am excited to say that your kids will be in 2 different series called, Identity Thief and Called by God. It is all about their identity in God and how God has called each and everyone of us for something special to do for him.

Also I will be posting devotionals on Facebook everyday that goes along with the series Called by God that is specifically for parents and leaders to help identify that call in your kids lives or the kids you are around. I've been doing the devotionals myself and they are amazing! This summer is going to be powerful and I can't wait, so please don't miss it!!