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With May being right around the corner, I want to get the news out as soon as I can, so parents you are aware of what our focus will be in the month of May, what are kids are doing and how you can help!!

God has put on my heart to focus on missions, particularly BGMC, the entire month of May. If you aren't aware of what BGMC is, it stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. It's the main avenue through the Assemblies of God for kids to give to missions all the around the world. BGMC provides our missionaries around the world with an ample supply of needs for that country and the people they are reaching. The money given helps provide clothes, food, water wells, Bibles, teaching resources, animals, cars, play sets for schools, vehicles, dishes to help cook meals with and so much more!! But what’s awesome is giving money to those things are helping missionaries reach hundreds and thousands of people for Jesus!! Who knew giving money for a bounce house could help a missionary reach kids for Jesus!! But it does!!

And your kids can be apart of something so much bigger than themselves, by having the opportunity in the month of May to raise money for BGMC. We will be in a series called, Mission Madness where each week kids will be learning Bible stories, scriptures, and stories from missionaries all around the world while learning how they can pray, give and go for missions.

Along with that, starting May 1st- June 5th, I will be challenging your kids to raise $7 a week, that's a $1 a day, in the month of May...totaling $35 for the entire month to give to BGMC. It's practical, simple and literally a $1 is doable! This is where I need your help parents!! Will you link arms with your child and help them find ways to raise that money that are fun and creative! It could be as simple as giving them chores to do each day. It could be helping them bake cookies, cupcakes, brownies to sell for $1. Or it could be creative as helping them make a video to post on Facebook to shoot 7 basketballs, soccer balls, etc. for a $1.

And I wouldn't ask something of our kids, without doing it myself. I will also be raising $35 for the month as well. Your kids can't do this alone, they need your help, they need you to champion them, and you can be apart of your kids changing lives around the world!!

Kids Camp

Hey guys! It’s hard to believe that kids camp will be here before we know it. We do plan on going up to Lake Placid in Hartford City again this year. All our camps for kids and youth are held there for our AG Indiana district. It’s always a fun, exciting and powerful week for kids! God does some amazing things in that week!

Our plan for this year is the short week again and those dates are July 6-9. The church covers $100 of every child’s camp fee for those actively involved in Thrive kids. Your kids are more than welcome to invite friends but they will be responsible for covering the full amount of camp ($250 or $262 with a T-shirt)


If you are interested in your kids going to camp this year come see me and I can get that to you!!